It was a mild winter in Atlanta compared to last year and the warm sun is a gentle reminder of the summer to come.  Spring has sprung early this year and I don't remember it being so yellow from pollen in years past.  As I look out the window their is a slight haze of pollen floating in the air, but you can't ignore the beautiful flowers blooming in the the distance and the gentle breeze reminding us how much we love the south and its spring weather. The goats are loving the weather, but not their winter coats with the layer of down just under the surface.  We have starting brushing and combing them, and even using a yard rake to accommodate their every itch. It's funny how they just stand there forever and look at you with this longing stare to keep up the grooming. I've even caught them using the fence to speed up the shedding process. I don't think these goats would survive a shearing of their fur. For now they will have to wait for a good raking when we have the time.