Well, it is time for spring and winter just won't take a clue. One day it's in the 80's and the next in the high 50's. It is so beautiful this time of year with all the flowers blooming and the rain has kept some of the pollen under control. It is also mating season around here and the animals sure know it. The spanish turkeys are finding out fast that two males and one female just won't work. A friend has agreed to take "old spice" turkey to her farm where she has two females. Life will be a little calmer without the live turkey fights around here. It's more like turkey wrestling and they don't seem to give up. The goats tried to help me seed the grass yesterday. I wish I could have taken a video as I walked along with the seed spreader with two goats in toe. They kept up with the spreader by placing their mouths in the top and eating as much seed as they could. It didn't seem to make them sick, but I guess I will get some well fertilized grass where ever they have spread their goat berries.