Profile: "Monkey" the Cat.
If we hadn't names our place "The Social Goat", it should have definitely been "The Social Cat". This week we had guest that experienced Monkey's social ability. 'The little girl wanted to pick him up so bad, so he let her pick him up and carry him around. A little annoyed, he would jump down and run away, but she would constantly search him out and capture him again. He again reluctantly allowed her to pick him up, but finally gave in to her affection and let her carry him around like a little baby. This went on for a few moments and she was distracted by the goats playing, so she let him down. Monkey went on his way to find his favorite place to nap.'

     Sunshine has returned to the South today after a rainy week and cold winds. The animals were perched in their barn for two whole days and they were going stir crazy. I let them sit on the back porch railings and relax out of the rain, but as usual, they wanted company. I have spoiled them so much, I have to make a special effort to entertain them everyday by petting, feeding treats, and leading them around the yard so that they don't mess up just one part of the yard. Last year, I had a huge garden with tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and other vegetables. I fear that won't be happening this year. At the end of the growing season, they didn't pay much attention to the vegetable plants themselves and tomatoes were not their favorites. However, once they got a taste of the herbs, they stripped them down. The rosemary plants look like tumbleweeds. I saw one leaf left on the plant, but later I saw someone had eaten that too. 
      The goats are quite particular about their leaves. The yard is full of fallen oak, hackberry, and magnolia leaves, but they have a criteria for eatings those leaves. If they have fallen in the chicken wire fence, they will eat them. If they have fallen on the concrete driveway, they will eat them. If they have fallen and caught in a plant, they will eat them. But, they don't seem to care about the million that have fallen on the grass. They only care about the ones still on the plants, thus the few naked plants including roses, azaleas, and the poor carolina jasmine that looks like it has a problem from the roots to just about the reaching lips of a goat. It's funny to see a goat trying to reach for that leaf just out of reach with its lips with so many other choices, laying right on the ground. 
     Exciting news is we got our first egg today. Not sure which chicken laid it, but excited to see it. They haven't quite figured out the laying boxes because this one was in the goat barn beside the food trough. Luckily it wasn't under the barn. I need to start up my recipes for quiche and creme brulee. 11 chickens times 4-5 a week equals a whole bunch of eggs. I'll post some recipes and pictures.


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