In January of this year, Atlanta got several inches of snow that shut down the city for almost a week. So, when they forecasted the snow for today, preparedness was on the mind of many Atlantans. Fortunately, it was just a light dusting and the city operated as though the snow wasn't even there. Even my animals seem to think that the snow was something that was a regular occurrence. The pictures below were from the snow in January and they had quite the task to even walk in it. The first day they stayed in the barn and breezeway trying periodically to risk going through the snow. That quickly came to an end because they kept sinking and realized there was no where to go.  The second day, I was seen using a snow shovel to move snow and creating a small highway to get them to their favorite spots. Good thing I had cleaned off the snow because later in the week it turned to ice. Atlanta is not well known for winter wonderlands, but the scenery this week was quite picturesque.


01/31/2013 12:09

It looks just like 'White Chirstmas' the movie!


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