Profile: "Tallulah" the Goat
From the first day we picked out the goats when they were 2 days old, I always thought that both Sherman and Tallulah were special. Both with their own personality, Tallulah has a playful spirit that throws caution to the wind. She is constantly getting herself into situations that just makes you shake you head and laugh. Last week she got her head stuck in a bucket and was walking around the yard trying to get it off before I got to her. Sunday, she decided to try to eat a plant out of the koi pond and took a swim. Luckily, I heard the screams and rescued her from her skinny dip. The pond water did wonders for her fur and nothing smells more interesting than a wet goat.

I'm not sure, but I thing I have the most social turkeys who love to visit other people. The neighbors have been very tolerant of their visitation and have gotten use their enthusiasm to say "hello" to them by coming right to their back door. Even when visitor comes to the yard, they are greeted by 3 running turkeys who fight each other to see who will get to say hello first. They have gotten a little feather trimming so it's not so easy for them to go to the neighbors. 



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