Well, thanks to so many of my guest, this year has been extremely busy and it always amazes me to find out the different reasons for the visit. From ballgames to the zoo, concerts to visiting restaurants, people come to Atlanta to have fun and get active in this great community. I am constantly amazed at the restaurants and festivals that Atlanta has to offer and how people find out about them.  Last week was the Tunes and the Tombs festival in Oakland Cemetery and The Atlanta Jazz Festival is this weekend in Piedmont Park. The food network and all the food shows also continue to send people our way to visit some of the restaurants featured on their shows. This city has so much to offer and I need compile a list of things to do and eat in Atlanta for those that take the time to visit.  Let me know if you have a favorite restaurant or festival in Atlanta.
It was a mild winter in Atlanta compared to last year and the warm sun is a gentle reminder of the summer to come.  Spring has sprung early this year and I don't remember it being so yellow from pollen in years past.  As I look out the window their is a slight haze of pollen floating in the air, but you can't ignore the beautiful flowers blooming in the the distance and the gentle breeze reminding us how much we love the south and its spring weather. The goats are loving the weather, but not their winter coats with the layer of down just under the surface.  We have starting brushing and combing them, and even using a yard rake to accommodate their every itch. It's funny how they just stand there forever and look at you with this longing stare to keep up the grooming. I've even caught them using the fence to speed up the shedding process. I don't think these goats would survive a shearing of their fur. For now they will have to wait for a good raking when we have the time.
The Social Goat is coming quite the party place. We have block parties, birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, and even religious ceremonies. Just this last month we had a couple from Florida get married on our pergola and it was so beautiful. Not just the setting, but the couple loved it so much it made it extra special. We also have had a family get together after attending a weekend of baseball and reuniting with family members. This past weekend we had a family celebrate a one year old's birthday and the animals loved their treats of corn tortillas. We love all the interaction with not only our guest, but with those that are special to them.
It has been a long time coming to actually sit down and get to write something on my blog. So long, I missed a couple of months. We have been extremely busy taking care of guest and working in the yard gardening and building stuff like we do. I can't believe all the incredible people I have met and I am always in amazement of how everyone came to stay with us. The other morning I thought to myself during breakfast that I have never met so many interesting people in one place before. Thank you to all that have stayed with us so far this year and we look forward to all our new guest and welcoming back the past ones.
Profile: "Smokey" the Turkey
Our dominate male black spanish turkey has a personality of his own. I am not that familiar with turkeys and have never thought to own one let alone handle one except in the freezer section at the grocery store. He is a proud bird and tends to display his manly feathers about 90% of the day to show how good looking he is. He loves to be rubbed and massaged and can't get enough of people noticing his debonaire smile. Watch out for his head, snood, and waddle changing color. Blue means I am excited. Red means I am annoyed...at you.

We have made our first publication in the Atlanta Magazine 50th Anniversary with a small write up about our little farm in the city. It talks about how we decided to build the barn and having chickens in the city. 
Well, it is time for spring and winter just won't take a clue. One day it's in the 80's and the next in the high 50's. It is so beautiful this time of year with all the flowers blooming and the rain has kept some of the pollen under control. It is also mating season around here and the animals sure know it. The spanish turkeys are finding out fast that two males and one female just won't work. A friend has agreed to take "old spice" turkey to her farm where she has two females. Life will be a little calmer without the live turkey fights around here. It's more like turkey wrestling and they don't seem to give up. The goats tried to help me seed the grass yesterday. I wish I could have taken a video as I walked along with the seed spreader with two goats in toe. They kept up with the spreader by placing their mouths in the top and eating as much seed as they could. It didn't seem to make them sick, but I guess I will get some well fertilized grass where ever they have spread their goat berries. 
I love bedandbreakfast.com. Great way to get your inn out to so many people. Great company and great people who work there. 
This past weekend had such beautiful weather just giving you a taste of spring. I noticed the knockout roses were beginning to put out their shoots and the daffodils starting to emerge from the ground. Of course, the animals have noticed this too. Spring fever is definitely making it hard to keep from wanting to plant, but I know we are not through with winter yet.
Profile: "Tallulah" the Goat
From the first day we picked out the goats when they were 2 days old, I always thought that both Sherman and Tallulah were special. Both with their own personality, Tallulah has a playful spirit that throws caution to the wind. She is constantly getting herself into situations that just makes you shake you head and laugh. Last week she got her head stuck in a bucket and was walking around the yard trying to get it off before I got to her. Sunday, she decided to try to eat a plant out of the koi pond and took a swim. Luckily, I heard the screams and rescued her from her skinny dip. The pond water did wonders for her fur and nothing smells more interesting than a wet goat.

I'm not sure, but I thing I have the most social turkeys who love to visit other people. The neighbors have been very tolerant of their visitation and have gotten use their enthusiasm to say "hello" to them by coming right to their back door. Even when visitor comes to the yard, they are greeted by 3 running turkeys who fight each other to see who will get to say hello first. They have gotten a little feather trimming so it's not so easy for them to go to the neighbors.