Little Azio

Enrich your life with this authentic Italian cuisine near Atlanta, Georgia
 Can you feel that?... It's hunger, so get yourself down to Little Azio Pizza & Pasta. There are two locations serving the Atlanta area. One location in Berkeley Heights at 1700 Northside Drive and another in East Atlanta 749 Moreland Avenue. With a casual and friendly atmosphere, this is a great place to eat for everyone and anyone. Start with your choice of one of their crisp, green salads. Followed up with pasta or pizza, made for you and how you like it. Select a sauce and toppings you desire and get it as you prefer. New at Little Azio, you will find some excellent value meals that are sure to settle that hunger inside you.

The value and portions at Little Azio are sure to make you a repeat customer. Along with the friendly staff and a casual dining experience, this is a great place to bring families and enjoy wonderful Italian cuisine. Maybe you just have a few minutes for lunch or dinner, no problem. Little Azio has prompt service that will allow you to take your food or sit down for a quick bite. Staying in Atlanta provides a lot of choices for your meals, but there's a reason this is top of the list. Little Azio looks forward to your visit.   
We're not ones to tell you what to get, but we would do a disservice not mentioning the "Margherita" pizza. This is the most popular pizza selection, with good reason. It is delicious with just the right amount of cheese, tomato, and seasonings. Most are unaware of the origination of this delightful pizza combination.

Raffaele Esposito first created this pizza as a representation of the Italian flag. Red with tomatoes, white with succulent mozzarella cheese and green with basil. The queen he prepared this specialized meal for was none other than Margherita of Savoy. Therefore the birth of the 'Margherita Pizza'.

Come on over to Little Azio and see what all the fuss is about. At least enjoy one of our delicious meals and spend some time with friends and family while enjoying a slice of Italy.